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COVID-19 and Lactation Resources

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the usual MBC Annual Workshop and Conference did not occur as a 2-day, in-person event this year. Instead, there were several virtual events and more are in the planning stages. Keep visiting the events section of this website for updates.

MBC Annual Meeting Tues., Nov. 17, 2020

The MBC Annual Meeting was held on November 17, 2020, as required to be in compliance with our by-laws and nonprofit status.

If you missed the Annual Meeting on 11/17/20? Watch the recording HERE.

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Share your COVID-19 Story

  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your life?
  • Has it affected your pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding experience?
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way you provide lactation education or services?
  • Is it affecting the families in your community?

Click here to learn more and to share your story. There is no limit to how many words you can use to tell your story.

2020–7th Annual Minnesota Perinatal Hospital Leadership Summit

Human Milk’s Role in Reducing Infant Mortality

Originally scheduled for May 2020. Postponed Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Calendar icon Date: Thursday & Friday, November 5 & 6, 2020; 8:00 am to noon each day
Fall 2020 Workshop - Speacher Icon Speakers:Day 1 Keynote: Mother’s Milk Matters, Dr. Jae Kim, Neonatology, Cincinnati, Children’s Medical Center

Day 2 Keynote: Twenty Years Baby Friendly: Reflections on Change, Dr. Barbara Philipp, Boston University School of Medicine

Fall 2020 Workshop - Magnifying Glass Icon Topics:

  • How and why human milk reduces infant mortality
  • State and local initiatives to reduce infant mortality
  • Pasteurized human donor milk and safe handling in hospitals
  • Milk banking and Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies update
  • Innovative rooming-in: keeping mothers and babies together
  • Creative hospital discharge education to prevent shaken baby syndrome
  • Healthcare provider stories
Fall 2020 Workshop - Google Map Icon Location: This is a virtual workshop, using Zoom. Links to Zoom and all materials will be provided to all registrants.
$$ Fee: Registration details and fee information are available at www.mbc41.wildapricot.org/Summit

L-CERPS and CMEs will be available

Letter of Solidarity:

From MBC Leadership to the family and communities grieving the murder of Mr. George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, and to all others experiencing racism and other forms of discrimination. Full text of letter

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