Prenatal Toolkit


Download the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition’s prenatal education toolkit. This is a free resource for use by healthcare providers, educators, and advocates.

The prenatal toolkit, Prenatal Education: Getting Started with Infant Care and Breastfeeding, is a resource for health care providers interested in improving patient outcomes through enhanced lactation support.

Each page of the toolkit includes important topics to help families prepare for birth and breastfeeding. The toolkit can be used as a guide for conversation between families and their health care providers.

The toolkit may be duplicated as needed. Clinics could consider placing a laminated copy in each exam room and in the waiting room.

Here are three ways to utilize the information in the toolkit:

  1. Use the documents AS IS, leaving text and photos intact. A hospital/health organization logo may be ADDED to the documents. Please leave the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition logo.
  2. Use selected portions of the documents and adapt to specific hospital/health system use. Use the phrasing “Adapted with permission from the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition” on the document and obtain permission to adapt from the MBC.
  3. Quote or closely paraphrase text from the documents. Cite original source and authors as usual.

2017 (current) version

English (pdf, 5 MB)
English, professional print version (pdf, 10 MB; view print instructions)
English, low-resolution file (pdf, 1 MB)

Pre-2017 version

English (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)

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