Local Coalitions

There are currently 36 local coalitions in Minnesota. Some coalitions are contained within a county, others cover two or more counties, and some join with counties in neighboring states. Seventy of Minnesota’s 87 counties have a coalition presence. Breastfeeding advocacy and promotion begin at the grassroots level. We encourage you to contact your local coalition and see how you can become involved. If there is not a coalition in your area, contact the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition marcia.in.mn@gmail.com for ideas on how to start one.

This tracking spreadsheet shows what the local coalitions in Minnesota have been doing recently to work toward meeting Objective 1 in the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition’s strategic plan. If you are a local coalition leader, please add information about your local coalition to the spreadsheet.

Changes?  Email barbking99@yahoo.com to update your
coalition’s contact information.


Click the link below for information about state, territory, and tribal breastfeeding coalitions across the country.

Directory of State/Territory/Tribal Breastfeeding Coalitions

2017-Oct. Coalition Map

Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalitions

(map designed by Kim Engwer-Moylan)

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