2020 Annual Workshop


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the usual MBC Annual Workshop and Conference did not occur as a 2-day, in-person event this past year. Instead, there were several virtual events and more are in the planning stages. Keep visiting the events section of this website for updates.

EVENT: Supporting Chest/Breastfeeding Families during COVID-19

This event has concluded. Slide presentations are available HERE.

Calendar icon Date: Thursday, September 3, 2020, 1 – 4 PM
  Speakers:  Dr. Jane Heinig, University of California-Davis, Human Lactation Center; Marcia McCoy, Minnesota Department of Health, WIC Program; WIC Peer Counselors, Stacey Welman and Rocia Ancasi, Hennepin County WIC Peer Program; Joe Woehrle, Fond du Lac Community Health Services; and Florence Orionzi, Cultural Transitions Specialist
Fall 2020 Workshop - Magnifying Glass Icon Topics:  Learn about infant behavior and cues,  culturally- grounded goal setting, and creating expectations for family support.
Fall 2020 Workshop - Google Map Icon Location: This was a virtual workshop held via Zoom.
$$ If you missed this event, you may view the recorded event and earn the L-CERPs for $15 per participant. Details are available at https://mbc41.wildapricot.org/MBC-Fall-Workshop/

Fall Workshop photo



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