2020–7th Annual Minnesota Perinatal Hospital Leadership Summit

2020–7th Annual Minnesota Perinatal Hospital Leadership Summit

Human Milk’s Role in Reducing Infant Mortality

Calendar icon Date: Originally scheduled for May 2020. Postponed to  November 5 & 6, 8:00 am to noon each day due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Speakers: Day 1 Keynote: Mother’s Milk Matters, Dr. Jae Kim, Neonatology, Cincinnati, Children’s Medical Center

Day 2 Keynote: Twenty Years Baby Friendly: Reflections on Change, Dr. Barbara Philipp, Boston University School of Medicine

Fall 2020 Workshop - Magnifying Glass Icon Topics:

  • How and why human milk reduces infant mortality
  • State and local initiatives to reduce infant mortality
  • Pasteurized human donor milk and safe handling in hospitals
  • Milk banking and Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies update
  • Innovative rooming-in: keeping mothers and babies together
  • Creative hospital discharge education to prevent shaken baby syndrome
  • Healthcare provider stories
Fall 2020 Workshop - Google Map Icon Location: This was a virtual workshop, using Zoom.
$$ View the recorded summit and receive continuing education units for $30 at www.mbc41.wildapricot.org/SummitL-CERPS and CMEs will be available

View all slides for each day without charge at www.mbc41.wildapricot.org/Summit

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