MBC Year Two Strategic Plan objectives approved by board

In early 2015, the Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition embarked on a process to create a strategic plan to guide the organization over the next three to five years.

The overall goal put forth by the strategic plan is for the MBC to contribute to increased breastfeeding rates in Minnesota by 2020. This goal is split into two sub-goals:

  • Goal 1: Environments in Minnesota are breastfeeding friendly, through through policy changes that support breastfeeding and by advancing community, hospital, health-care, and workplace support for breastfeeding.
  • Goal 2: The infrastructure and systems of the coalition are stable and advance the coalition into the future. The strategies for achieving this objective include organizing and building the coalition’s internal capacity, identifying resources and raising funds to strengthen the coalition, collaborate and communicate effectively with priority audiences, and reaching out to and engaging with existing and potential coalitions.

The Board of Directors has approved 9 objectives for year two. You can read the full text here.