News Article — MSP is one of few ‘breastfeeding friendly’ U.S. airports, study finds

” As this study suggests, the MSP airport is one of the most welcoming airports in the country for nursing mothers. For several years, it has had a comfortable, well equipped “nursing mothers room” near Gate C13 in the Lindbergh terminal.

“It is meant for mothers who wish to breastfeed their children in private,” said MSP spokesperson Melissa Scovronski in an email to MinnPost. “Mothers certainly use it for pumping, but it does not have a sink.”

This week, however, MSP is opening two new, specially designed lactation rooms in the Lindbergh terminal, near gates F1 and C13.

“These rooms were designed specifically for women who need to pump breast milk,” said Scovronski. “They will be open to both employees and travelers.”

“The rooms will feature comfortable seating, adjustable lighting, a mirror and sink, artwork, and a generous counter space,” she added. “The rooms will lock from the outside and be cleaned after every use.” ”